Naming Days

Naming Days

Naming Days are a joyous alternative to the traditional christening service for those who may not be religious; choose to have their ceremony in a special location or want to tailor the day exactly as they want, in order to celebrate their child or children.

Having my two gorgeous babies is the most amazing thing that I have done in my life.

To celebrate their naming, introducing them to their community and to choose special adults to guide them on life’s journey was essential. For these reasons I designed my own Naming Days for them.

Family and friends gather to read and hear specially chosen words of celebration, eat cake and toast the new life. A Naming Day can be as lavish or informal as you like as there are no legal boundaries and your imagination is the only limiting factor.

Deb hosted a gorgeous naming day for our boys. She was professional, thorough and easy going. Her decorations were creative and made with care. I would highly recommend her services ☺️” Makenzie Pelusey

I can design a themed party look for you, complete with beautiful flowers and props, or we can all just gather at the local park or in your backyard and share some special time. There can be rituals such as candle lighting or tree planting, a time capsule or special messages written for the child to read as they get older.

You will be provided with a copy of the ceremony script and certificates are provided to parents, god parents or guardians (or whatever you choose to call the special adults you are inviting as guides and mentors).

Contact Deb to talk about the planning of a Naming Day for your child or children (it is never too late!) to hold one of these beautiful life ceremonies.